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How To Stop Foreclosure
Restore Home...Restore Lives...Restore Hope

A national mission of Healing and Restoration, dedicated to telling the truth.

Your innocent signature on a Note was intentionally used to make Millions for undisclosed recipients. 

All U.S. Homeowners who signed a Promissory Note after 1998* are owed penalties for undisclosed criminal and civil violations committed against them.
* includes all people whose notes were sold after the start of Securitization and MERS

For 10 years, this Mission has offered truthful guidance
 to people in pre and post foreclosure situations.  The Advent of Securitization and MERS has resulted in parties participating in criminal activity for extreme financial gain.  Our attention will be focused on education and assistance to obtain fair restitution.

  CBS Atlanta 9/5/2012 "Foreclosure Fraud" story  (click image)

                                 Georgia News
(click image)

Information verified by: FHA, V.A., Federal Reserve, and
Mortgage Servicers.

             Foreclosure can be stopped,
             when you know what to do.



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This information is provided free of charge by Operation Restoration. Thank you in advance for your generous donations which allow us to educate people on a personal level.  
                         - Anne Batte, Executive Director


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This mission is solely funded by donations from people who request personalized attention and all who gain knowledge from the site.


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