Donations are critically needed by Operation Restoration to help the mission continue to stop foreclosures.

Donations are critically needed to help this mission move forward.

We are a non-profit organization with a pending 501(c)(3). Contributions will be tax-exempt. A CONTRIBUTOR FORM is provided below. 


Note: Please make sure to confirm the donation.  There is a second screen.  Otherwise your donation submission will not be completed.

Click on "SUBSCRIBE" below to make recurring donations  or "DONATE"  to make a one-time donation through Pay Pal. Note:  As information, Pay Pal charges the mission a fee of 2.3% per dollar amount which is deducted immediately.

Please consider a Subcription as recurring donations will allow us to continue to help others.  Note: Requires Pay Pal account.  To easily set up a FREE Pay Pal account, click here. With PayPal, you can choose 3 payment options: E-Check, Credit Card, or direct transfer from your PayPal Account to Operation Restoration's account (use email  With a Subscription, donations are automatically made each week or month for the exact amount you designate.  You can cancel this method at any time


Donation Options

(does not require PayPal account)

On behalf of Operation Restoration, we sincerely appreciate your help. God bless you.

                                                                                          - Anne Batte,
Executive Director


Thank you for your tax-exempt donation to Operation Restoration.
We will diligently ensure that your contribution is utilized efficiently
and is not wasted. A contribution receipt will be mailed promptly.
Respectfully, the Volunteers of Operation Restoration
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Operation Restoration For mail-in donations, request address at Atlanta, GA 30316

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